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Pixel art editor on iPad and iPhone

Designed with a focus on simplicity, ease of use, and user feedback. Experience Pixquare now!

"Genuinely the best pixel art app for the iPad that I would recommend anyone to get!"

Jon Davies, Pixel Artist of Super House of Dead Ninjas, The Binding of Isaac.
Pixquare - Pixel art editor on iPad and iPhone

 Shrine by ~ Mossyやΐאָe

 Mushroom Girl by chili


More real estate

Only show the essentials

Everything is designed to be collapsible or hidden if not used, giving you more space to sketch on your iPad.  

Taking advantage of the touch screen, interactions are done with smooth gestures. Your digital art experience just got better!

Girl in hat by 08games

Advanced timeline panel

 One room by ue_voxel

Advanced layers and timeline system

Animate with ease

Pixquare simplifies your work by combining layers and frames in one panel. Explore essential tools like layer grouping, visibility/edit-lock toggle, alpha-lock, reference layers, blend modes, frame duration, multiselection, linked cels, frame tagging, and onion skin, all designed to enhance your pixel art process.

It has never been easier to create tilesets.png

 Gameboy Tileset by Manu.Vision

Creating tilesets has never been easier

Tileset and tilemap system

For those who need to create beautiful tilesets to use in their games, Pixquare can help with its flexible and convenient tileset system and tilemap layer.


 Forest Retreat by Fico

A suite of tools to assist your drawing

Each comes with more options to elevate your pixel artwork

Pixquare has all the essential and advanced tools for pixel art creation: pencil, eraser, move, line, shape, selection, color bucket, eyedropper, color picker. Each of them can be customized to your preferences: dithering, pixel perfect, watercolor, transformation, multiple selection types/modes, drag to fill, long press to pick colors, etc, just to name a few

Unlimited customizable themes

 Quietness in urban nature by ~ Mossyやΐאָe

Custom theme system

Customize the colors scheme, icons, and fonts to fit your style

Pixquare offers complete UI customization, enabling you to design the interface according to your preferences. Themes are shareable, so you can use other users' creations or share your own so everyone can enjoy them. Apart from the default dark theme I've designed, a world of themes awaits your discovery and experimentation.

Many things else for pixel art creation

Other great features

Explore pixel art surprises with Pixquare!
  • Aseprite file compatibility

  • Indexed mode 

  • Time-lapse recording ✪

  • Symmetry tool with unlimited axes ✪

  • Custom brushes ✪

  • Gesture pad 

  • Color palette from Lospec 

  • Color gradient generator 

  • Reference images

  • Outline

  • Text

  • Quick layer selection

  • Left-hand mode
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Gradient tool
  • And many more to discover!

Cats by Manytle

✪ Must try


Find out why many artists choose Pixquare as their favorite pixel art tool
Eka Setya Nugraha
Eka Setya Nugraha, Indonesian pixel artist

"Pixquare has been the greatest pixel art software I've tried on the iPad. As an Aseprite user, the UI feels so familiar and easy to get used to. In fact, it became my main drawing software right now! The gesture pad is my favorite feature so far and I just can't wait to see new features the dev has to offer in the future."

JD, Pixel artist & Game developer

"I really am impressed with Pixquare! As someone who animated very frequently, having the timeline and layering system so well organized but also dockable and off to the side is really helpful, and all the tools are very sleek and easy to find without being cluttered!"

Matt Fisher
Matt Fisher, Artist • Animator • Game Dev

"Pixquare is an amazing solution for creating pixel art on the go! It has great functionality for both beginners and long time creators. It was very easy to pick up and recreate my workflow that I use on desktop programs"

Join us and make an impact on Pixquare

I'm all ears

Hi guys, my name is Son. I am a software developer, and I knew nothing about pixel art. A while back, I learned to draw pixel art using Aseprite to make game assets (I love playing and making games). However, I soon realized that there was no pixel art editor on the iPad that made me feel comfortable. That's a bummer since I have an iPad and an Apple pencil, and I know how good the iPad is for some sketches on the go, so I started working on Pixquare, inspired a lot by Aseprite (both the UI and its functionalities).

That being said, because I have no real experience with pixel art, I rely a lot on feedback from real artists to decide what is needed to make a great pixel art editor. Since the beta testing phase, I have gotten a lot of feedback, feature requests, and bug reports. As a result, a lot of features that Pixquare has now are from these inputs. I'm really grateful for the early users who helped me with the development of Pixquare. I will continue to add more features to improve Pixquare, and users' feedback will remain the primary source of decision-making for me. That's why I'm here, writing these lines to ask you guys to chime in and let me know what you think and be a part of Pixquare's development.


To submit feedback, there are many channels that you can use:


Thank you so much for your support, this means a lot to me! I hope you guys enjoy Pixquare!


With gratitude,

Son Nguyen

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