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Many pixel artists like Pixquare. Check out what they say!
ue_voxel, Japanese voxel/pixel artist

"I have tried Pixquare, and I like the fact that the interface is retro pixel art, so when I scrub my work screen, the interface becomes a decoration and my work looks good. In terms of functions, the selected layer blinks to make it easy to understand, so it is hard to make mistakes when creating a work with many layers or when animating. I also like the ability to create intermediate colors! I am looking forward to more updates in the future."

mini, Pixel artist

"Pixquare is intuitive, feature-rich, and delightful to use! The developer is exceedingly helpful and receptive to feedback. I would recommend Pixquare to pixel art beginners and pros alike!"

5kraD, Korean pixel artist & indie game dev

"There are some good pixel art applications for the iPad, but I couldn't find one that worked well for me, so the iPad wasn't my preferred tool for pixel art. But it seems not now. From the moment I used Pixquare for the first time, I was excited at the thought that I would be able to work with pixel art on my iPad from now on. It is optimized for pixel art and is easy and comfortable to use. I would like to dare to say: If there's Aseprite on PC, there's Pixquare on iPad! Highly recommended!"

Michael, Pixel artist, author of Pixel Logic

"Pixquare has more than meets the eye. A seemingly simple interface that has the intuitive control you look for. The gesture pad is comparable to a desktop keypad."

coppters, Digital Artist, Games, Pixel artist

"I enthusiastically endorse Pixquare as the best app I have ever tried, as it effortlessly accommodates both beginners and professionals with its user-friendly design."

Hendry Roesly, Pixel Artist & Game Developer

"I’ve tried so many pixel art app on iPad, but all of them always lacking in something that i need as a pixel artist. In the end, i ended up jumping around so many apps just to create the final piece that i wanted. Pixquare is the first pixel art app where i can finally find everything that i want in a single app & has the most similarities to the Aseprite on the desktop. My favorite feature is the Color Replacer that i use so often. When the app one day can record time-lapse videos, this will be the only pixel art app i’ll ever need to use. I highly recommend this app for both hobbyists & professional pixel artists."

Dax, Pixel artist

"The app is intuitive, has a tons of nice ideas/tools (gradient generator, tap to select layer, Lospec palettes import, ...) and most importantly, the dev is really listening to the users needs! Can't recommend enough, as it has just started!"

Resin, Pixel artist

"I'm very happy with the simple and functional UI of Pixquare. It would be nice to be able to move the UI position in the future."

Incursio, Pixel artist

"Pixquare is the pixelart app I've always wanted for tablets, but no one achieved it like this one. It gathers the best functions and quality of life options of other design apps and fits them for pixelart in a way that eases the workflow!"

Huy B, Illustrator & Pixel artist

"Love the app for its simplicity and intuitiveness! It's what you need for creating anything pixel-related and more. Highly recommended for anyone who loves working on the go"

Schippj, Videogame Tech-artist and Illustrator

"I really love the toolkit, the spacious workspace, it features the necessities I like from Aseprite on PC and the simplification on Ipad I like from Procreate."

JD, Pixel artist & Game developer

"I really am impressed with Pixquare! As someone who animated very frequently, having the timeline and layering system so well organized but also dockable and off to the side is really helpful, and all the tools are very sleek and easy to find without being cluttered!"

Eka Setya Nugraha, Indonesian pixel artist

"Pixquare has been the greatest pixel art software I've tried on the iPad. As an Aseprite user, the UI feels so familiar and easy to get used to. In fact, it became my main drawing software right now! The gesture pad is my favorite feature so far and I just can't wait to see new features the dev has to offer in the future."

Rafael Françoi, French pixel artist

"Pixquare is finally out! I had the change of testing it earlier this year and got surprised with how well it worked, even on beta! It does have all the main features we need on a pixel art software, but also have some neat stuff I never saw elsewhere."

Sunny, Pixel artist

"I've been waiting for some more pixel art app to use on iPad and I love this app! The design of this app is simple and intuitive so it's easy to recognize the functions. It's optimized for doing pixel art and it will be a useful pixel art app for me. Thank you for making this awesome app!"

PXa2paZ9_400x400.jpg, Pixel artist

"I have been trying different Pixel Art tools for iPad for years, but only with a few days of beta testing, I was already convinced that Pixquare was the right tool for me. It is rich in features, but simple and intuitive to use., making my workflow more efficient and pleasant."

시누, Korean pixel artist

"Overall, it was good! Especially, there was no difficulty in working because the animation ui was arranged to be easy to use"

Manytle, Thai pixel artist

"Pixquare has a nice interface. Easy and convenient to create pixel art and animation, just take your Ipad with you when you travel or want to go out to work! For this reason I really like this app!"

Robster, Pixel artist

"As a new iPad User for Pixel Art, finding out about Pixquare was perfect! The design is simple and very beginner friendly, the functions are versatile, and working with this App just feels natural. You can feel that the developer is putting a lot of effort into making a creative Tool, which can help you on your way to creating amazing Pixels! If you are looking for an App to create Pixel Art, Pixquare is the way to go"

Saryn, Pixel artist

"This is my go-to program, the ease of use and similarity to classic pixel art programs makes it easy to create anything. Lo-Spec import is a godsend for palettes. The developer listens to community feedback and that makes or breaks a good program."


"Pixquare is by far the best app for pixel art I’ve tried on my IPad. It has a great interface that is easy to understand and it holds many great functions that help with your pixel art. I also adore the pixel design of the app, it gives it its one unique charm that I really like and it makes the app more fun to work with. As a beginner pixel artist Pixquare helped me improve my pixel art a lot and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get into pixel art!"

G, Pixel artist

"By far, Pixquare is the best iPad native app for making production ready pixel art. Every other option I’ve tried has either been lacking in functionality or not designed with creating pixel art in mind. Pixquare makes the whole experience easy, with tools catered to the creation process made specific through multiple rounds of feedback from experienced pixel artists. It’s also a one and done fee, and even has a free version to try, unlike many other applications. For years I’ve struggled with the question ‘what software should I use for making pixel art?’ from other iPad users, I’m happy to say going forward, I’ll be recommending Pixquare."

Becky C, Illustrator and game developer

"As an illustrator and game developer, Pixquare makes creating pixel art on my tablet easy. And, since it has an active developer and community behind it, new features and support are always right around the corner!"

CupOhJoe, Game artist

"I've been sharing it with basically everyone I know with an iPad, because honestly I think it's one of the best software's out there for creating pixels on the iPad."

~ Mossyやΐאָe, Pixel artist

"I think Pixquare is currently the most renowned app when it comes to making pixel art on Ipad and Ios: its user interface is intuitive and fast and functional to use, each element seems to be placed exactly where it should, according to a logic of use, and because of that the making of static or animated pixel art is smooth and fast; I have had other experiences with other pixel art applications on Ipad, but currently I can say that Pixquare is the best in terms of intuitiveness and speed of production, even for me that despite using a pen that is not compatible with IPAD Air 2, so whose pressure is not detected, I had no problems making works even in canvas of larger dimensions qualitatively, very similar to the comfortable fixed workstation. In conclusion, if you are tired and prefer to lie down in bed or on the sofa, wanting to continue your pixel art work in comfort and with the same speed, Pixquare is the app for you!"

Matt Fisher, Artist • Animator • Game Dev

"Pixquare is an amazing solution for creating pixel art on the go! It has great functionality for both beginners and long time creators. It was very easy to pick up and recreate my workflow that I use on desktop programs"

たかはし, Pixel artist

"Pixquare is a very good pixel art editor. A timeline like video editing software and layers are integrated, making it very easy to create animations."

CoinCrown, Pixel artist

"Pixquare is a new easy-to-use app that will help artists everywhere make great pixel art! I love its features, such as allowing you to import palettes straight from Lospec and a simple, clean interface without clutter!"

light, Pixel artist

"I’ve used a lot of different apps for pixel art, but so many of them just feel like something’s missing. Pixquare has provided a sense of familiarity in its interface, particularly in its animation tools. I’m excited to see how it continues to evolve and grow."

Ota Jaider, Pixel artist

"This is one damn fine app to pixel on the iPad! You can tell there's a lot of love for the craft poured in here 💖"

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